English Ivy comes from Europe, North Africa and parts of It is difficult to control – the best way is to control the affected foreshore area with herbicide in order to remove all weeds, under which German ivy may be hiding. Ivies are fast-growing plants that grow just as well outdoors as they do indoors. Coleus garden with New Zealand impatience and a German ivy to climb up the mini-trellis. German Ivy GarlandBox Lot Deal of 12 garlands, each 183cm (6ft) longOur German Ivy garlands are a small leafed garland - the small leaves are a tiny 1.5cm in diameter and the largest leaves are only 4.25cm in diameter.The spines are strengthened with wire so the garland will keep its shape when bent.Dark green in colou [citation needed] The scientific name Hedera is the classical Latin name for the plant. Also known as Bamboo reed, donax cane, arundo grass, cow cane, river cane, reed grass. Smothers small trees and lower vegetation, preventing the seedlings of native species from establishing. Cut and paint stems - Cut 'N' Paste Original (Glyphosate). Scrambling or climbing perennial vine (<3-5 m) with thin, weak green stems. Delairea odorata German Ivy 1. Small, dry hard windborne one-seeded fruit. The sweet-scented white flowers mature to yellow, and are followed by black berries. People plant ivy and sometimes dump it with other weeds in green spaces. These are the ones that can invade, transform and destroy native ecosystems. Lesotho and Cape Province and Natal in South Africa). Wonderful for combination plantings. Was commonly cultivated as a garden ornamental in temperate regions, and may often still be seen growing in gardens. Gardens, roadsides, vacant land, and cemeteries are all sources of spread. Conium maculatum hemlock. Leave hanging up in tree to dry out, dry and burn, or take to landfill. Hand pull or dig out scattered plants & seedlings. Other Ivy species are easily separated. Cut & paint stems (1g metsulfuron/1L or 100ml glyphosate/1L). Delairea odorata. d