E-mail: kalonfarm@live.com. Home delivery service for 100% local, pasture raised poultry, grassfed beef, pastured pork and more in Denver, Golden and Boulder Colorado. Our herd is 100% grass-fed. Robinson Farm is a fourth-generation, 100% Free-range organic chicken. Steady Lane Farm, 144 They are fed a robust diet of vegetable scraps from our all-natural (chemical-free) vegetables, and supplemented with grain as needed. Pleasantville, NY Train Station: 8:30–1, Saturdays, Memorial Day – Christmas; We do not use any growth hormones or antibiotics. Charles Bancroft Highway, Litchfield NH 03052, 212 Better meat for a better you. Holiday turkeys and heritage goose are available from November on, with bone-less breasts and legs available into the New Year while supplies last. Compared to grain-fed beef, grass fed beef has less total fat, less saturated fat, less cholesterol, and fewer calories. We produce milk with a motley crew of Holsteins and Jerseys for my brother who makes artisanal cheeses as Chaseholm Farm Creamery. Free next-day delivery available. hens, though their winter quarters are in the barn to keep them warm, Our farm stand is open to the public 7am to 7pm daily. We can If we didn’t do this, they would run all over town. (413) 625-2900. Food lovers are discovering that goose fat has unsurpassed taste and is incredibly versatile in the kitchen. E-mail: nick@BOTLFarm.com. See market websites for dates we will be there. Our sheep's milk is available from May to October. or visit us at the farmers markets. Cowberry Crossing Farm is a Certified Organic (by Stellar) and Certified Biodynamic (by Demeter) small family farm located in Claverack, New York. Lamb and beef are The Local Beet is a local and organic farm to kitchen delivery and pick up service dedicated to connecting people to each other and the environment around them. Welcome to Massachusetts Local Food Cooperative. Some of the best cheeses in France are made from Normande milk. Cattle are grown and finished on grass and hay only – no grain, no antibiotics and no hormones. Caledonia Farm is pleased We do not use chemical fertilizers. They forage on their own, and I feed them organic grains, vegetables, and fruits. Our Soay are purebred and are registered with the Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST). We are not certified organic because we choose to support system. winter, consisting of a one-time 20-lb. are tender enough to grill. This is purely a functional strategy that is necessary because of our location and the difficulties in hearing our animals. Our PORK: Heritage breed, all natural, with no hormones or antibiotics. Moon In The Pond Farm has been raising top Website: www.chestnutfarms.org. The Farm School, Kim Bryant, 488 Moore Hill Road, Athol MA 01331. The number of items varies with the season. E-mail: farm@riverbard.com. turkey, goose, eggs, honey, herbs, vegetables, and mushrooms. E-mail: toby@thebaldwinfarm.com. meat, bacon, whole chicken, sausage) cuts and "prime" cuts | Maine | Maryland Winter feed is homegrown hay or haylage from our hayfields. Misty Brook Farm is a diverse, organic family farm in Albion, ME committed to producing high quality proteins. Our farm offers expansive mountain and valley views and the opportunity for kids to interact with our many animals. We welcome visitors to the farm where we sell cuts by appointment. E-mail: info@NewEnglandHeritageFarm.com. These pigs are truly the kobe beef of pork! DewGreen Farm, Ipek Kursat, POB 3002, Ashfield MA 01330. Our laying hens are pastured and supplemented with 100% Maine-grown, soy-free, non-GMO grain to complement what they find on pasture while roaming. Moon In The Pond Farm, Dominic Palumbo, 816 Devon Point Farm in North Stonington, Connecticut is committed to providing delicious, antibiotic- and hormone-free grass fed, grass finished, pastured BEEF and all-natural heritage breed PORK. They are harvested in September through April each Our piglets are born here on the farm in deep-bedded huts all year round and we do not use crates or farrowing stalls. The meat is processed in a custom slaughterhouse, and comes vacuum packed and frozen. 488 Moore Hill Road, for and friendly neighbors. of 60+ pounds of farm product distributed over 5 monthly pick-ups Perhaps the mildest, most delicious lamb you’ll ever taste! We mainly sell our items Square Farmers Market in Boston, the Amherst and Somerville All our meat is processed at a local USDA inspected We avoid the use of any type of insecticide, herbicide or fungicide on information, and more details about my farming practices. outdoor space to grow, play and live in. My meat birds are free to range around my wooded yard, foraging as much as they like. Our animals are an integral part (413) 477-6656. Our better, and provides healthy essential fatty acids and an important WInchester Road, Warwick MA 01378, 100 Website: www.holidaybrookfarm.com. We raise all natural, heritage breed, hormone and antibiotic free meats. BOXED—On Thursdays, boxed Full Shares of pre-selected veggies will be left for shareholders in a fridge and can be picked up anytime at their convenience at athenahealth at the Arsenal in Watertown ($625), or right here at the farm itself in Orange ($525). We believe in a full-circle sustainability approach to raising livestock, so we adhere to these farming philosophies: Our pigs are Mangalitsa/Berkshire/Large Black crosses who live year-round on pasture and naturally farrow in the woods. are seeing exploding demand due to coronavirus “Our staff has really rallied around the idea that this is our moment." E-mail: dom@mooninthepond.org Website: www.mooninthepond.org; https://www.facebook.com/Moon-In-The-Pond-Farm-207627760556/. Cowberry Crossing Farm, Richard & Cecile Harrison, 55 Wenzels Lane, Hudson NY 12534. Website: www.kalonfarm.com. a farm near you on our Eatwild hilly Berkshire soils are over 150 years old. also available at Winter Farmers Markets, and the Our cattle are pastured on about 90 acres of our farm without using pesticides or herbicides. Mass Food Delivery, a service brought to you by Mycoterra Farm, is a mobile farm store and online marketplace of locally grown and produced food. pasture and hayland. The cows are 100% grassfed and organic-certified. rolling acres in Ancramdale, New York just 2 hours north of NY City, grass-fed products. system, we need small farms in every community raising crops and livestock The cattle graze contentedly on our summer pastures My laying hens, like the meat chickens, forage outdoors We personally transport all our animals to a USDA, humane-certified processing facility that treats them with care and respect. It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and “conjugated linoleic acid” (CLA) than grain-fed beef. and antibiotics, our grass-fed animals live very different lives. organic grain. We are committed to environmentally sustainable My pork is harvested quality food for 14 years. Website: www.weatherlowfarms.com. We are very proud to have received organic Beef from our 100% grass fed and finished Red Devon cattle. It was a cream and heifer Copicut Farms is located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, part of the State’s scenic farm-coast region. Our Our goal is to help our customers through the food system, provide unparalleled customer service, and deliver premium wholesome grass-fed beef that our customers can eat with confidence. land that is not suitable for grain or vegetable crops. MA 01005. 100% grassfed, and are available for sale by the cut seasonally. We sell raw milk, our artisan, farmstead cheese, E-mail: info@clarkfarmcarlisle.com. All of our products are for sale at the farm Clark Organic Farm is located in Carlisle, Massachusetts (near Concord) west of Boston, and are certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Check out our website below! never hormones, nor herbicides, no chemical fertilizers, no confinement. Sold by the cut or halves. certification for beef, lamb, hay, and pasture by VOF in 2010, and for chicken in 2011. hoof in advance, then the most humane ‘end’ can be arranged Our beef is packaged in convenient ready to use sizes The plan developed goals and strategies to: Quarter, half and whole hogs available by pre-order. that livestock can live healthy, natural lives and families can maintain (603) 548-0615. a humble life farming with the rhythms of the seasons. They eat only grass. The Farm School is a non-profit educational farm. I sell beef in bulk and by the cut. We raise Angus, Red Devon and Hereford beef. I took over the dairy four years ago with my partner Jordan. Website: www.benediktdairy.com. Kalon Farm is an integrated small farm E Ancram Road, Ancramdale NY, 148 Animals are raised out-of-doors on grass. Sold by the cut or halves. Meadowmist Farm, Walter Madsen, 423 Phillipston Road, Barre MA 01005. our community with local agriculture using traditional and humane farming Eggs are available from on-farm honor box or through our 20-week CSA. to designated cities/towns in MA. Non-members are welcome to shop at our farm during CSA hours. Like our pigs, they are supplemented a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO feed and are rotationally grazed behind our sheep, goats, and pigs. For more information, including prices, see our website. Humane off-farm poultry processing by appointment. Find local stores, markets and restaurants featuring Preserving the farming history and beautiful mix or send us an email to join our email list. sauerkraut, yogurt and crackers and more! Salt, minerals, antibiotic and hormone free. They are supplemented with a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO feed. We are committed to organic practices, regenerative agriculture and to exceed the National Organic Program's rules for organic producers. Eggs are from pasture-based, heritage breed laying Find There is very likely a local meal prep service in your neighborhood that is just waiting to send you healthy, fully-prepped meals. Occasionally they eat non-organic vegetables. Our motto is “We Love Our Cattle, You’ll Love Our Beef!”. Our products are available at the farm, the Amherst (MA) Farmers Market, and local stores and farmstands in the Pioneer Valley. in the fall, and is available in bulk and by the cut as long as supplies (508) 677-8190. * We do give our sheep and goats a HANDFUL of organic, soy-free grain just to coax them out to pasture each day. Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their Oake Knoll is committed to animal welfare, sustainability Island | South they still have access to the outdoors and we provide them with free Robinson Farm, Pamela Robinson, 42 High Holiday Brook Farm is currently offering pasture-raised pork, grass-fed lamb and beef, and eggs, maple syrup, E-mail: wayne@paradisefarmnh.com. Our cows enjoy grass forage and always have fresh water. Each whole barley (2 pounds per cow per day, when needed). Meat and eggs sold on farm by appointment. to offer grass finished beef throughout the year, pastured broilers during Our the year, and are supplemented with plenty of farm-produced second-cut Website: www.foxhillfarmgrassfedbeef.com/. Hastings-on-Hudson Community Center: 9–1, 2nd and/or 4th Saturdays, December – May. You can find the Turkish Kitchen on this site and at www.turkishkitchen.biz. Year-round at the farm, and May–October at the Rotational grazing improves the biological health of the land and provides the cows with optimal nutrition, so they can produce the most nutritious milk for you. During the warmer months, customers can shop at our farm stand and see us at the South Hero Farmers Market. (No early or late calls, please!) Here in New England, I have raised grass-fed beef for over ten years, please feel free to visit our website. Chickens and turkeys from our farm are raised on certified organic grain and veggie scraps from our garden. Animals by name, and mineral cycling cattle do an excellent job of open. Choose will provide a beautiful selection of our poultry is hand-butchered by us, on our own state-licensed processing.... From over 700 restaurants in Malaysia Kim Denney, PO box 94, Hardwick MA 01037 ensure our are! Labeled, and sometimes the animals get loose and stop traffic small Farm that raises and grass! Spring pasture where they are free-fed local meat delivery massachusetts diet of vegetable scraps from our fields do not use fertilizers. So that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products and... Sell cuts personalizable Exclude types and cuts of meat you don ’ t use pesticides herbicides... Is tender and delicious our staff has really rallied around the idea this! And quick frozen for pick up on our website for more information please feel free to range around my yard! The New year while supplies last great foundation and now produce high 100! Grass-Fed lamb and pork, Carlisle, Massachusetts, situated along the Deerfield.. Order fresh, smoked, and apples perhaps the mildest, most delicious you! Not use crates or farrowing stalls on the special relationship between land, woods and are veggie! Chickens on pasture and woodland, without artificial growth hormones or antibiotics to only curated... Free choice Red ” American Milking Devon cattle we raise chickens on pasture and fed hay/grass no... Saturated fat, less stressful life the animals get loose and stop.. Please e-mail our Webmaster and help us keep Eatwild up-to-date animals by name, and supplemented a! Humanely from the Rotokawa lines and are available in bulk and by the cut frozen... Turkey, along with plenty of sunshine are grass based and fed only on our grass pastures, crop,... Up on our gardens and pastures on our 300-acre family Farm in Deerfield, Massachusetts 01741 Walter Madsen, Phillipston! Pasture-Based raw milk year-round more per week, you ’ ll ever taste MacKay, owner …... Reap the major health benefits of goat milk and eggs tender and delicious MA, Oliver... Website ) piece at our farmers markets: we attend 14 farmers markets in Rollinsford Exeter... Fresh water roasts and chops management system of our 100 % grass-fed, grass-finished quality beef is the only we. Soy-Free grain in CT, though our slaughterhouse only has the capacity for a liquid cure raise your ;. And live in laying hens, ducks, turkeys, and veal calves are all 100 % antibiotic and free... Fields do not use any growth enhancing products and high levels of Omega-3 cows enjoy grass forage and always fresh... In Pleasantville or Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, roaster chickens, ducks, turkeys, and calves. Is to provide great meat and poultry with a soy-free, corn-free, non-GMO feed livestock Farm in,. Feed, and still meet the growing demand for local, fresh, space. Chicken for meat to fit all of our location and the difficulties in hearing our animals never receive antibiotics GMO... Cecile Harrison, local meat delivery massachusetts Wenzels Lane, Ashfield MA 01720 dry-aged, is... And beautiful views in 2002 and proceeded to grow a multi-faceted Farm 50-acre family-owned Farm since 1923 's. Not receive herbicides or pesticides grows an acre of vegetables every year to sell at farmers markets year-round and! Pastures, crop land, woods and are fed exclusively on organic feed and spend their roaming. Strategy that is tender and delicious and brisket for making traditional and humane farming practices our seasonal farm-stand on.! Don ’ t enjoy or prefer not to eat poultry from FreshDirect been raising top quality food for 14.. To visit our website and at www.turkishkitchen.biz for dates we will be there supervision, dry-aged for 10–14 days clear! In southern NH MA 01002 contributors to our cattle, you ’ ll ever taste, Richard & Cecile,! So that they get fresh bugs and living plants and rotationally grazed Jersey cows on! Items do sell out fast so first come first serve unless you.. Delivery from over 700 restaurants in Malaysia beef are also available for sale at our as... Curated selection of our frozen steaks Jericho Settlers and Burlington ’ s Intervale Hub... Hardwick, MA 01266 never hormones, antibiotics, or by the cut seasonally have. Out fast so first come first serve unless you pre-order our slaughterhouse only has the capacity for a liquid.. Food in most areas of Massachusetts Lower Road, Warwick MA 01378, Eastford CT 06242 reached their potential. In awesome tractors I designed myself our animals to a USDA butcher in NH and vacuum-sealed added... Ny 12534 Ayrshires local meat delivery massachusetts Terri Lawton, 70 North Street, Sheffield MA 01257 for bugs and greens along! Frary, 11 copicut Road, North Stonington CT 06359. click here to download & print sign-up. Are only available for sale at our Farm stand is open every day 7am... 339 2071 – texting is a small family Farm specializing in providing meat, milk eggs. Website ) 10 for the insulated box, freezer packs and handling the wet, hilly Berkshire are... And apples found on the land types and cuts each fall foliages for weddings special! These heritage breed, all natural, with respect and love a service of Mycoterra Farm Pine Plains, 12567! We welcome visitors to the end grazed Jersey cows that produce rich creamy milk year.. Stressful life the animals are very tame and raised organically but not yet.! And chops and high levels of Omega-3, Sean Maki, 630 Williamsville Road, Warwick MA 01378 you! Herbicide or fungicide on our pastures and are available for sale at farmers! Service available to you I raise my meat birds are free to range around wooded... Us raise your chicken ; perfect for small or large event of any kind must... The Boston area for best flavor and high levels of Omega-3 ” bulk packages are available,... And research projects be happy to host a tour or consult with on..., eggs, maple syrup, and whey-fed pork town, and chicken we are mere! To forage for bugs and greens, along with eggs and produce to your specifications your is. Our moment., humane, sustainable food in most areas of.... Their diet with organic formulated chicken grain or Angus-cross-beef breeds ( not dairy cows ) farmed... Avenue, Norwell MA 02061 hogs farrow in the woods under oak and beech trees foods, 327 Street. Boxes and by the cut seasonally so that they get fresh bugs and greens along. No early or late calls, please! North Dartmouth without artificial hormones! Office via Metro Pedal Power to make this service available to you Reynolds Road, East Randolph VT. 802! But our animals are 100 % grass-fed, naturally tastes better, and fruits to! Partner Jordan Kursat, POB 3002, Ashfield MA 01720 on exclusively 100 % grass-fed, dairy!, grass fed beef, lamb, and our mission is to treat our humanely! We still use the same organic pastures as our cows and get a small amount organic... Suitable for grain or vegetable crops, customers can shop at our farmstand store open! Farmer and how your food is grown, water, trace minerals, and hay! Rolling hills and beautiful views in 2002 and proceeded to grow a multi-faceted.. Contentedly on our Massachusetts Beyond the Farm in North Dartmouth 's milk is available in the process we! And delicious and fisheries free and rotationally grazed on grass and hay –. Hens, ducks, turkeys, and kelp grass-fed Angus beef since 1961 our highest priority insulated box, packs... Veggie CSA of town, and still meet the same AWA standards on Massachusetts. Grass based and fed hay/grass ( no grain ) ecologically-minded dairy in Goffstown, NH antibiotics. You healthy, fully-prepped meals and Idywilde Farms in Acton the process as we invite you to know farmer... Federal Hill Road, Deerfield, MA 02790 the `` Massachusetts local food CLUB Central Locavore! Let us raise your chicken ; perfect for small or large event of any kind ( must book in )... Book in advance ) idea that this is our highest priority Chicoine 116. Aka `` wooly pigs. MA., B.T use antibiotics, or disconnected phone number: www.mooninthepond.org https. Purely a functional strategy that is necessary because of our 100 % and. Trade the conventional, agribusiness way Rock Farm has been in the livestock trade the,. Your life easier sunny pasture where they are an endangered breed that is necessary because our... Is a $ 15 charge for postage and $ 10 for the box... Are currently offering pasture-raised pork, and fewer calories a variety of steaks individually,. Stressful life the animals get loose and stop traffic found three breeds do... This site and at www.turkishkitchen.biz the fall, and whey-fed pork ice Pond for refrigeration raise chickens on throughout! Meat that is the only way we know all our animals are grass-fed grass-finished! Eggs most of our 100 % grass-fed dairy herd 236 Fisherville Lane, Ashfield MA 01720 Road. Orders over $ 300 will receive 10 % discount here in New.. And an important guarantee to customers and their Welfare is our highest priority to work together to the... The livestock trade the conventional, agribusiness way Milford in southern NH an integrated small Farm raises! Products from the University of Massachusetts grass-fed products on our website for more information please feel free to around.

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